About Latte Mochiato..

Wow, welcome to this little corner of the internet.. I am soo excited you're here! Thanks for checking in. ^.^

Soo hello there! I am Aniek – and this blog is a safe place for all food-related thoughts and ideas that roam around inside my head. If you are interested, I am happy to share. I operate from a tiny kitchen in the Netherlands in a little apartment, where I live with a lovely taste tester that eats everything I cook with a smile and two gigantic fluffy cats.

So why Latte Mochiato..

Well, it is an intentional wordplay using the names of my lovely two cats. I know.. so corny haha, but next to food and these cute little balls of fluff, corny puns make me extremely happy. And the sharing of happiness is all I'm about in life and on this blog. So let me introduce the lovely food named fluffballs that inspired the blog name..

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This is Mochi. He is enormous but loves to cuddle. He frequently makes everyone laugh just by being the fluffy idiot he is. He also loves to drink straight from the faucet, and well, to sleep with all his fluff on my face. He hates.. well.. very little.. he is pretty okay with everything as long a he gets everything he wants when he wants it. And his favourite food? Definitely egg! This cat goes crazy for a piece of egg.

The second fluffy cutie in this house is Latte and she is a real lady. Forever elegant, she is a true lover of warm, soft places. She doesn't know how to meow to save her life (all she does is squeal in high pitched tones, especially when I'm in the kitchen), but she melts my heart every time she crawls up to me. So cute! You could wake her up any time for dollops of greek yoghurt or pieces of tuna. Latte loves herself some sushi.

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These cuties! - Food names for cats are the best.

Okay, that's probably enough about the fluff, back to blog. I'd like to post at least once a week, but as we all know, sometimes life (or a cat) could get in they way. But I will do my best!

I love all food (well, except liquorice, that's just the worst), so it would be very hard to pick a favourite. However, I have a serious soft spot for dumplings, anything with lemon, scones, cookies and everything spicy. So probably expect lots of those.. and all kinds of other omnomnomness.

So, thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

Love & lemons,


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Special thanks go out to my amazing friend Roxy van Beek for designing the most delicious and cutest logo ever!